Our Story

Mount Baldy

See, the weiner dog even summits mountains…

Kelli and I started BaloTree out of our frustration of not being able to find one go to place for good, sustainable products - and Abbott Kinney in Venice Beach and Larchmont Street in Hancock Park, near where we live, gave us some good inspiration.

Just like Abbot Kinney and Larchmont Streets, we wanted to create one go to place with dozens of really good eco-centric, ethical, and organic brands that we could choose from, but online.

But a little more about us because you might want to know who's curating everything on this site, after all.


Don't let the picture fool you…

We know what we are talking about when it comes to sustainable products, and we've definetly done some growing up since meeting 10 years ago in Australia.

Kelli has honed her eye for fashion by working for coveted brands like Kate Spade, New York Fashion Week, Bombas, Milk Bar and more, with a degree from the prestigious Parson's School of Design in New York.

Scott has spent the past 10 years aligning sustainability values with developing a rural, eco-centric home community on the Malibu Coast, and propagating it with thousands of California coastal native trees. He holds a degree in Conservation Biology & Sustainable Development from the University of Wisconsin.

Most of the products on BaloTree come from first-hand experience. The food, clothes, home goods and non-toxic beauty products come from a combined 60 years of past living experience. Others come from many hours reading, on the web, emailing e-commerce stores, calling managers, and interviewing experts in various fields.

But most of all, as former world travelers, hiking up to secret Thai lagoon caves like in the picture above, or traveling through remote jungle to tribal Karen villages, we both gained an appreciation for the natural world as well as local, organic food.

We know that every dollar we spend, is a vote for our values so we wanted one go-to polling station where we could make our vote count, so we created BaloTree. Come join us at the polling station and lets plant some trees!

Scott & Kelli