Our Story

We started BaloTree out of our frustration of not being able to find one go-to place for good, sustainable products — and Abbott Kinney in Venice Beach and Larchmont Boulevard in Hancock Park, near where we live, gave us some good inspiration. We wanted to create one place for eco-centric, ethical, and organic brands; from your toothbrush to your t-shirt.

Most of the products on BaloTree come from first-hand experience. The food, clothes, home goods and non-toxic beauty products come from a combined 60 years of past living experience. Others come from many hours reading, on the web, emailing e-commerce stores, calling managers, and interviewing experts in various fields.

We know that every dollar we spend, is a vote for our values so we wanted one go-to polling station where we could make our vote count, so we created BaloTree.  Come join us at the polling station and lets plant some trees!

Scott & Kelli


Kelli Adams

Kelli has honed her eye for fashion by working for coveted brands like Kate Spade, New York Fashion Week, Bombas, Milk Bar and more, with a degree from the prestigious Parson's School of Design in New York.


Scott Morris

Scott has spent the past 10 years developing a eco-centric home community on the Malibu Coast, and propagating it with thousands of California coastal native trees. He holds a degree in Conservation Biology & Sustainable Development from the University of Wisconsin.